Village People - Suzanne Medcalf


By Claire Cooper

We’ve all heard of love at first sight, but for native New Yorker turned Lindfield resident Suzanne Medcalf it was a name that caught her eye.

“I was on my third business trip to England when I heard that this new guy, Mark Mulligan, was joining the team,” Suzanne recalled. “I thought it sounded like a great name and I turned to my colleagues and joked ‘If he’s cute - I might marry him!’. Six years later I did!”

After a long distance relationship, with Suzanne spending time between attending conferences all over the US and at the company headquarters in Hove, she joined Mark in Sussex.

The couple moved to Lindfield a year ago after spotting a cottage in Lyoth Lane on the internet.

“I walked into the house with Mark and my best friend Peg, and I knew straight away that this was home,” said Suzanne. “It felt so right.”

And there was a further surprise in store when Suzanne and Mark set off to explore the village. “When I would visit Mark from the US we would go for country drives on the weekend. More than once we ended up driving through Lindfield and I would remark ‘can you imagine if we could live in a village like this one day’. I hadn’t realised that the house we loved was in a village we loved. It felt like it was meant to be!”

[Excerpt from full article in November 2018 issue of Lindfield Life]