40 years of Scaynes Hill Flower Show


By Claire Cooper

Visitors to the 40th anniversary Scaynes Hill Flower Show took a step back in time earlier this month.

Organisers Dianne Elliott and Angela Hicks had decided to mark the historic occasion by reproducing the original 1978 schedule, which included traditional vegetables flowers, cakes and crafts.

Exhibitors rose to the challenge producing graceful gladioli, mammoth marrows and baking bread and sausage rolls alongside the traditional homemade jam.

Crochet and embroidery made a comeback, including a tablecloth that was originally entered for the show back in 1978. The traditional heaviest marrow category proved popular and was won by Phia Castillo with a 24lb whopper!

“We discovered that nobody makes wine any more but we were pleased to see plenty of bread and jam” said organiser Dianne. “It was good fun but we’ll revert to our usual schedule next year.”


Conservation Shield – Cat Newington

Flower Show Trophy – Nick Hawes

The 40th Anniversary Cup – Brenda Holdforth (a new exhibitor)

Eileen and Peter Pratt Trophy – Phia Castillo (awarded this year only for best exhibit in vegetable class)

Betty Hayter Memorial Salver – Jos Kingston

Artists Cup – Jos Kingston (awarded this year only for best artistic exhibit in Floral Art)

WI Cookery Award – Barry Rapley (a new exhibitor)

Helga Race Trophy – Bobby Whittome

Hawes Handicraft Cup – Liz Townsend (new exhibitor)


Conservation Group Cup – Mollie Hainge

Scaynes Hill Cricket Club Trophy - Mollie Hainge