Your home in safe hands while you are on holiday

Clean Getaway - home holiday cover based in Lindfield, West Sussex

When you go away this summer, will you be stressing about leaving your home before you board the plane?

This is the situation Lindfield resident Pauline Sutherland found herself in earlier in the year, and that problem gave birth to a solution – one which she doesn’t believe is being offered by anyone else.

Pauline is proud to launch Clean Getaway – her business concept to put the minds of local residents at rest when they leave their home for holidays.

“I realised that I was running around like crazy trying to tidy the place up – really stressing out – so that our home was nice to return back to in two weeks time,” Pauline explains. “Then it struck me, if I felt like that, there was a good chance that others felt the same before going away.”

Pauline returned from her trip and promptly tested the theory on a local social media group – the response she got was ‘amazing’ and she set about planning the business immediately.

Clean Getaway offers a standard package to holiday-goers of a taxi to/from the airport, two hours of Pauline’s time while they are away and a welcome pack in the kitchen when they return home – all for just £100.

It is a totally flexible and tailored service as the time allocated can be increased. And it fits perfectly with Pauline’s family life and her more recent work experience.

Although Pauline is qualified in insurance by trade – she used to work for HSBC in the City – she changed tack when she had a family and has spent the last 15 years as a part-time cleaner and ten of those years as a local licensed taxi driver too. “Making this new service available means I am bringing together both of those worlds to create a genuinely useful service for my customers,” Pauline continued. 

The hours of Pauline’s time can be used for tasks such as feeding home pets, moving post from the front door, mowing the lawn, cleaning, watering plants or waiting in for a delivery to arrive while you are away.

Pauline, a keen animal lover and pictured here with her labrador Buddy, explains that the service is always personalised: “The fist thing I do, after the initial phone call, is to meet up in their home so that the prospective customer can show me exactly what they would require doing and how. This also gives them a chance to meet me in person.” She is very aware that having someone in your home is a personal service and a responsibility which she doesn’t take lightly. “I will always provide any quote for the service by email after our meeting. There is never any pressure to accept,” she says.

Mrs M, from Lindfield, explains why she will always be using her services: “Pauline is reliable, punctual, friendly and nothing is too much trouble. I highly recommend her.” While a thank you note from another local client, Mrs K, simply said: “I don’t want to embarrass you, but you’re the best cleaner I’ve ever had – and I’ve had a few!”

What Pauline offers with the Clean Getaway service is peace of mind while you are away. Whether that’s about your cat being looked after in its own home, someone opening the curtains or the place being clean and fresh when you get back – she can make your holiday even more relaxing.

To chat to Pauline about your own requirements for home holiday cover, call her today on 07729 345000.