The Bent Arms' lucky charm

The Bent Arms’ Howard Collins and Charlie Fairhead

The Bent Arms’ Howard Collins and Charlie Fairhead

Ireland has given the world many things – Guinness, Primark, the invention of colour photography, the world’s first armoured tank and even the cure for leprosy. While the country might not have a culinary reputation to rival the French or the Italians, it is certainly well-known for good food and, specifically, good bread, just like our next interviewee and manager of The Bent Arms, Howard Collins.

By Joe Wayte

After a string of failed attempts to make a profit out of The Bent Arms in the late 90s and early 2000s, Howard Collins stepped up to the plate in 2003 and has successfully managed the establishment ever since.

In the beginning the business had few customers but lots of potential. “I stood outside, looked through the window and saw the Rotary Club meeting,” Howard remembered. “I thought to myself – if nothing else, at least I’ve got 20-30 people coming to eat every week and decided to give it my best shot.”

[Full article printed in the October 2019 issue of Lindfield Life]