ukele band

Join the 'uke' band with Andy

Join Andy in the ukele band

Join Andy in the ukele band

A Lindfield musician is hoping to drum up support for a new ukulele band.

Drummer Andy Howden has spent many years supporting local bands but changed direction two years ago after picking up a ukelele and becoming hooked!

“I love the fact you can really play any song you can think of and make it sound pretty good,” he said. “But there are limitations with a single instrument, and I know with a few more players and some clever arrangements we could breathe some fire into a few old classic songs.”

Andy is keen to hear from fellow ukelele players keen to form a new band and play live music.

“I’ve met some lovely people since moving to the village but none of them play the uke, hence asking Lindfield Life to come to the rescue,” he said.

“I love playing dad-rock and punk classics from the seventies and eighties, so this the area we will focus on. I miss playing live and relish the chance to carry something as light as a ukulele to a gig rather than a drum kit!”

Andy hopes that the band will soon be playing at local venues and events. “I’m looking for like-minded people who have played a uke before (though don’t have to be brilliant) and can also sing a little. Enthusiasm is prized over proficiency!”

He added that he’s also keen to hear from musicians playing other complementary instruments.

Andy can be contacted on: 07919 597148.