harry and stella slinger-thompson

Frisbee Champions from Lindfield

By Claire Cooper

Lindfield siblings Harry and Stella Slinger-Thompson are flying high in the sporting world.

The pair are among the top frisbee players in the country and have represented Great Britain in tournaments all over the world.

Between them Harry and Stella have an impressive collection of gold and silver medals and are looking forward to competing in many more competitions later this year. 

But until a few years ago Stella and Harry, who both attended Lindfield Primary and Oathall schools, thought Frisbee was a just fun game to play on holiday, in the park or on the beach.

That all changed when Harry spotted a newspaper article advertising a Frisbee tournament in Hove. 

“I thought it looked like fun and something my hippy friends would enjoy,” he said.

“We went along not knowing what to expect but what we found was a high octane, fast, physically challenging sport. 

“We were even more surprised to find that frisbee is a fast growing sport with tournaments all over the world.”

Impressed with what they saw, the friends signed up for weekly training sessions with Ultimate Frisbee in Brighton. “Members are a lovely bunch of people and we were made really welcome,” said Harry.

A year after joining the Brighton club Harry was selected to play in the National League.

.... full story is available on page 10 of June 2014 Lindfield Life magazine.