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Caroline took on the Marathon Challenge

Caroline raised over £1k for preschool

Caroline raised over £1k for preschool

Lindfield resident Caroline John has recently completed the London Marathon after a rather impulsive decision! 

Caroline was inspired by a friend who, in May last year, put her name into the public ballot for entry to the London Marathon. “I just decided to do it too,” Caroline said. “I knew who I’d like to run for, if I got a place, after Tiger Cubs had been so good for my daughter Ariyana. I wanted to give something back, and supporting a small charity gives an opportunity for the money to make a huge difference.”

However, long before she had any idea whether she had a place at all, her first run didn’t go too well! “Having never been a runner, I thought I had better give it a go! I only made it down Gravelye Lane to Luxford Road before having to stop in a heap!”

Caroline persevered and later in the year joined a running club – much to her own surprise! She was genuinely enjoying running.

Although she discovered in November that she hadn’t got a place through the ballot system she ended up winning a place through the luck of the draw at Burgess Hill Runners – who had a number of places to give out to members.

She was delighted to accept the place, and spoke to preschool manager Clare Nibloe immediately to let her know she’d be raising money for Tiger Cubs.