St Augustine's Church

Rev Lisa to become an honorary canon

Scaynes Hill vicar The Rev Lisa Barnett has been honoured by the Bishop of Chichester in recognition of her work supporting young women who are exploring ordination.

Rev Lisa Barnett

Rev Lisa Barnett

Lisa, from St Augustine’s Church, has been made an honorary canon of Chichester Cathedral and will take the stall of Prebendary of Woodhorn. 

“It’s an honorary title which is given for service to the diocese,” Lisa explained. “It doesn’t mean any extra responsibilities, but does mean a ‘seat’ in Chichester Cathedral for special services!”

Lisa will be installed as an honorary canon of Chichester Cathedral within a service of Evensong at the Cathedral on Sunday 18th March at 3.30pm. All are welcome!

Since being ordained in 2007 and being given her first parish, Scaynes Hill, in 2011, Lisa has been passionate about supporting other young women considering ordination.

“In spite of it being almost 25 years since the Church of England first ordained women as priests there are still not very many young women offering themselves as candidates for ordination,” said Lisa. “As a young female vicar in this diocese, I have supported several other young women who are newly ordained or exploring ordination, and I have become something of a role model for young clergy women who are pioneering new ways of balancing their vocation to church leadership alongside family life.

“I am enormously grateful to the wonderful church family at St Augustine’s, as well as the wider community in Scaynes Hill, who have been so encouraging of my ‘twin vocations’ as a vicar and a mother, and so supportive during my periods of maternity leave,” Lisa added.

“I will still be vicar in Scaynes Hill, so this title doesn’t change very much, but it is a very special honour and a recognition of the ongoing diocesan commitment to supporting women’s ministry.”

A Pet Service in Scaynes Hill


By Claire Cooper

There were furry paws, waggy tails and twitching whiskers among the congregation at St Augustine’s Church in Scaynes Hill earlier this month when the church held a special pet service.

Vicar Lisa Barnett invited parishioners to bring their furry friends to church for a celebration and blessing and was delighted so see the pews filled with a 25 dogs, a selection of guinea pigs, an enormous rabbit and even a tortoise named Lisa!

The service included specially chosen hymns, such as All Things Bright and Beautiful, a Bible reading read by Thomas Martin, while parishioner Bev Sotiri, accompanied by her four dogs, read a poem for dog owners.

Those unable to bring their pets to church, and those who wished to remember their former pets, brought along photos.

Following the service, there was a chance for pets and owners to mingle and enjoy refreshments in the church hall.

This was the first pet service to be led by Lisa, and is part of the church’s commitment to strengthen community spirit. “I was more than a little bit nervous before the service,” she said. “How many pets would be brought along? Would they behave? But I needn’t have worried!

“The animals all behaved beautifully, staying quiet during the talk and joining in with gusto during the hymns! It was a very special occasion, celebrating the joy that our pets bring us, and committing ourselves to caring for all of God’s creatures. We’re definitely planning to do it again sometime!”