Lindfield Parish Council

New benches on Lindfield Common

When Lindfield grandmother Carol Rieley asked councillors for a new bench on the Common she didn’t expect her request to be granted several times over!

But to Carol’s delight, visitors to the Common now have a great choice of places to sit and relax.

Carole explained how she met with Will Blunden and some of the parish and district councillors last April. “I asked whether it was possible to have a bench outside the children’s playground as, although there were seats within the play area, there were none outside for Grannies like me to sit with the dog and rest up whilst the youngsters had fun on the swings,” she said.

“Last month, there was not just the one I had suggested but all the extra seats all the way along the boundary of the Common!

“I want to say a huge thank you to both the parish and district councils. The seats are being well utilised and one rather elderly lady commented: ‘I can walk all the way round the Common as there are plenty of places to rest now.’”

Andrew Funnell, Clerk at Lindfield Parish Council, commented: “We welcome the additional benches installed by Mid Sussex District Council on Lindfield Common. The benches were installed following dialogue between representatives of both councils. The newly installed benches benefit from hardstandings and have a higher seat allowing for easier access. The Parish Council understands that S106 funds (contributions from housing developers) were utilised to help fund the project.

“In addition to the benches, work has been undertaken by MSDC on some of the footpaths on the Common. This includes the footpath at the bottom of Old School Court which has been widened. The Parish Council wishes to thank MSDC and Councillor Gary Marsh.”

New Pedestrian Crossing in Lindfield?

Warning Sign: New Pedestrian Crossing Point on Lindfield High Street

Warning Sign: New Pedestrian Crossing Point on Lindfield High Street

Some residents of Lindfield may have been confused to see the above signs appear around the village in the last week (October 2017) or so. Well, so were we at Lindfield Life HQ! We hadn't heard anything about this work and were surprised about that - as we like to think we know what's going on in Lindfield. 

However, we have now had the following comment from Lindfield Parish Council, which rather shows we weren't the only people in the dark on this...

Lindfield Parish Council were not aware that the development had been approved. In  November 2016 the Parish Council opposed the proposed revised highways works to Lindfield High Street. We understand that the planning application to which the work relates is the Land to the East of Gravelye Lane, Lindfield, which dates back to 2013. We have been in contact With West Sussex Highways, and our West County Council Councillor, Andrew Lea. We understand that Andrew Lea, is on our behalf, making urgent enquiries regarding the works. We have reiterated that the Parish Council opposes the works. The Parish Council is concerned that the works will potentially remove parking spaces for the King Edward Hall, which is a building widely used by the local community. Additionally, we would like any proposed  traffic works within the Parish to be implemented as part of a cohesive plan following our Traffic Study. In summary, the Council wishes to see a holistic rather than piecemeal approach, having under gone full Parish consultation.