Pitch It High: Golf Advice from James Verrall

James Verrall, Golf Pro, Haywards Heath Golf Club

By James Verrall, Head Golf Professional

One shot that many golfers dread is the high shot over an obstacle like a bunker or water hazard. Whether you are worried about hitting it too hard and the ball going too far or hitting too much ground and the ball going nowhere, then read on, we are about to fix all that.

First tell yourself you can... make sure you approach this shot with lots of confidence knowing you are about to hit the ball high over whatever is in front of you.

Make sure you have enough loft on the club; a sand or lob wedge is ideal.

Grip the club lower down to get more control, and then flex your knees more so you can get under the ball. The ball should be positioned in the middle of your stance or, if you desire a really high shot, then just slightly forward of middle.

Have your stance slightly open and you are ready
to go.

Begin the backswing by hinging your wrists whilst keeping everything else still. The club should feel like it goes back on a more vertical line rather than around you.

As you bring the club back to the ball, make sure you are slightly accelerating and turning your hips through the shot.

Don’t slow down in fear or pull your arms away in panic, as this will cause some of the dreaded outcomes you want to avoid.

Finally, make sure that your hands have done very little as you hit the ball. Flicking is something to really avoid with this shot, so make sure your hands stay firm.

Yes, this shot is harder than your average chip and run, but follow these steps and you will start to see the ball flying high and landing softly on the green.

Hope to see you soon....