New Year, new home

Can you give a cat a fresh start in 2015?

At the Cats Protection National Cat Centre in Chelwood Gate, it’s been a busy Christmas, with dozens of cats and kittens to care for over the festive season. As the New Year approaches, staff are keen to welcome visitors who have made a special resolution – to share their home with a rescued cat.

We visited the centre earlier this month, to meet the staff and the cats hopefully spending their last Christmas without a home. Here we feature just a few who caught our eye! (But there are plenty more to choose from)!

Odd Job came to Cats Protection when his owner became too ill to look after him. A friendly boy with a big personality Odd Job would particularly love a home with a piano as he likes to make music by taking a stroll on the keys!

Chrissie has been at the centre since her owners emigrated in May. Staff think she may be overlooked as she suffers from irritable bowel syndrome and needs a special diet. But the condition is well under control and Chrissie uses a litter tray like any other cat. She just needs someone to give her a fresh start.

Julia is a stray who was found in a greenhouse with her six kittens who have all now been rehomed. Her experience has left her shy and wary of strangers, but staff say she loves affection and just needs a chance to blossom in the right home.

Holly and Rudolph are 8 month old kittens rescued from a multi-cat household. The pair haven’t had the best start in life and, unlike most kittens, are extremely timid. But they are beginning to come out of their shells and will thrive in a new home together.

Two year old Ginger came to Cats Protection as a stray, gave birth to kittens and now needs a forever home. Friendly and affectionate Ginger will suit most families.

Gin and Tonic are a striking pair! But it’s easy to tell them apart – Gin has blue eyes and Tonic amber! Ten years old, but still playful, sweet and slightly shy the pair need a home together preferably with a garden to potter around in.

Tips is a sweet and shy two year old. Found as a stray she needs to build her confidence in a calm home and would love a garden to explore.

Marge is currently the centre’s ‘reception cat’ and loves the hustle and bustle as visitors come and go. At 14 years old, she is ‘getting on’ but would make a great family pet and although staff will miss her, they would love to wave Madge off to spend her twilight years in a new home.

The National Cat Centre is open every day from 10am to 4pm (except New Year’s Day.)

Visitors are welcome to come and meet the cats, and can also enjoy browsing in the shop and easting in the café. Anyone wishing to offer a cat a home is asked to contribute £70. This helps cover the cost of looking after the cat, vaccinating, micro chipping, neutering and other veterinary treatment while in their care.