Mince Pie Tasting Competition in the office

With the Christmas Tree already up in the Kipper office in Haywards Heath it was time for some festive fun and games! Played together in the kitchen with our landlords and office buddies Broadcast Bionics - David put together a Mince Pie Tasting Competition where the participants all put in £1 to the prize fund and each had to guess which pie was made by which manufacturer/retailer. All had a score card and a sticky label for each shop. 

Of the six pies on the table, the highest score earned was 3 out of 6. There were five winners of the prize fund - the lucky folk doubled their money! 

Mince Pies being judged in the competition was Sainsburys Basics, Tesco, Heston from Waitrose, Roots & Wings Organic, Lidl & Mr Kipling.