Meet the guy who makes the Guy - Martin Durrant, Lindfield Bonfire Society

Martin Durrant, Lindfield Bonfire Society

By Claire Cooper

On the morning of 5th November, Lindfield’s giant Guy Fawkes will once again take his seat outside the butchers in the High Street.

He’ll spend the day being admired and photographed by dozens of passers-by, and later take his place in the bonfire procession before meeting a grizzly end during the evening celebrations.

The unveiling of the Guy is very much a village tradition – thanks to the sterling effort of one very creative Bonfire Society member.

For more than 40 years Martin Durrant’s creation has been the centrepiece of the village bonfire celebrations. He explained how it all began: “Lindfield has always had a Guy, and when I came on the scene they were made by bonfire society stalwarts Ted Haskell and ‘Sooty’ Anscombe,” Martin recalled. “They used to pinch an old suit from the jumble sale and stuff it with straw. “One year I suggested making something bigger – and was immediately handed the job!”

Over the past 40 years Martin has perfected his design which is based on the traditional Guy Fawkes, complete with red jacket and black top hat.

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