Lindfield's duckling drama unfolds


By Claire Cooper

Lindfield pond has often been at the centre of village news, but last month’s mission to rescue 12 newly hatched ducklings is among the most heartwarming stories.

The ‘Lindfield 12’, as they have become known, were rescued from the pond in a race against time, after their mother was attacked and drowned.

The alarm was raised when resident Louise Beasley spotted the body of a female duck floating on the pond, with 13 tiny ducklings swimming nearby. “The ducklings were totally lost and trying to follow the other ducks who were in turn attacking them,” she said, “I’ve since been told that the male ducks had been fighting and had drowned the mother which was pretty awful,” added Louise. “The ducklings were so small and looked like they had just hatched that morning, I know something had to be done quickly to rescue them so I phoned Wildlife A&E.”

She spoke to Debbie Johnson who quickly arrived on the scene.

Debbie from Wildlife A&E rushed back to collect them. “We needed to quickly get them into the incubator as they would be so cold,” she said. “But I’m delighted that all 12 have survived their ordeal and are growing by the day.”

Debbie has been posting regular updates online and plans to return the ‘Lindfield 12’ to the pond as soon as their adult feathers have grown.

[Excerpt from full article in June 2019’s edition of Lindfield Life magazine]