Lindfield part of Village of the Year 2017 TV series

Village of the Year 2017 - TV series on Channel 4 by Reef TV

Village of the Year 2017 - TV series on Channel 4 by Reef TV

Lindfield has been selected to be part of a new series which will crown the winner ‘Village of the Year 2017’. The show is due to be aired on Channel 4 in October and will be presented by Penelope Keith. 

Chair of Lindfield Parish Council Will Blunden applied for Lindfield to be on the show, helped by residents Sarah Richmond and David Tingley who completed the application form in May.

Lindfield historian Richard Bryant and fitness instructor Esther Featherstone joined David and Will as they met with the show’s producers in the village, as they sought to find out more about Lindfield.

Production company Reef shortlisted Lindfield just days before Village Day – an event it was keen to capture in its footage for the programme. 

Penelope Keith visited Lindfield in early June to interview Will Blunden as Harbour Master by the pond and Esther in the King Edward Hall. “It was terrifying to start with,” Will said, “but I was soon put at ease. 

Penelope was lovely. She told me that she knew the area well having lived in Forest Row for a time.”

During her interview, Esther was asked to explain her personal reasons for creating her own exercise programme. “Penny made me feel very comfortable and was utterly charming and engaging while we were talking on camera,” she commented.

Penelope’s first words when she walked in on the Swoove class were: “Wonderful lycra!”

Esther invited her to Swoove in the comfort of her own home, as she presented her with a DVD. Laughing, Penelope replied: “I think my cats and dogs might think I’ve gone completely mad!”

Penelope and the crew will be visiting and filming at 75 other villages across the UK during the summer, in order to find the best. We’re pretty sure she found it here, but only time will tell! Watch this space for details of the show’s air date later in the year.

UPDATE - 15th JANUARY 2018
We have now been given a date the show will air...

According to Reef TV, the production company behind the Village of the Year show, Channel 4 will broadcast the episode featuring Lindfield on Friday 26th January 2018 - at 3pm. 

The series starts on Channel 4 on Monday 15th January 2018.