Lindfield Coffee Works to open on Lindfield High Street

As mentioned in last month’s Lindfield Life magazine there is change at Lindfield business World Coffees. Resident Kris Whelan took over in January this year. This month heralds a new era in the business as Kris launches a new name, new branding and a newly adapted premises just off the High Street.

Lindfield Coffee Works may be a new name,” Kris explains, “but our core business and values haven’t changed. We continue to sell amazing coffee to both wholesale and retail customers. You’ll still be able to come in and pick up a bag of coffee for your home but hopefully get more of a coffee experience. Alongside the coffee we’ll also be selling the latest brewing equipment for the home barista and can offer advice on which coffee works best for each method.

However, one very significant change will be the new location. Kris has been working with the local landlord Mark White and designer Will Parr ( for the past seven months to convert the former grain store into a contemporary retail environment which now houses both the roasting and wholesale business and also a coffee bar where customers can enjoy a slice of homemade cake or a pastry with their coffee.

One of the aims for the new site is to be able to tell the fascinating journey coffee goes on before ending up in our cups. “Coffee is a part of many people’s daily routine but how many know that is actually is the seed of a fruit? There are multiple stages of coffee production from growing, harvesting and processing all of which can have a dramatic effect on the overall taste. We hope to shed a little light on the flavour profiles specific to each coffee growing region and highlight the farming techniques and the importance of traceability of our coffee.

“Traceability is very important to us. To put it simply, to keep coffee traceable, producers pay an extra cost to follow it through the supply chain, it’s only worth doing it for high quality coffees. We aim to provide plenty of information on all our coffees we sell. In addition we want this to resonate through everything we do from our water, lemonade and ginger beer to our charcuterie & cheese boards – we can tell you exactly the farm or producer they come from!

“Everything is designed to be as open and as transparent as possible. We want people to see exactly what goes on from when we receive the green beans in their raw state to the final product either packed for a wholesale customer or to be consumed as a delicious drink on site.”

The new coffee bar and roastery can be found on Alma Road, behind Southdowns Cellars, (follow the ducks!) and is being managed by another Lindfield resident Julie Shepherd, who is joined by Miranda Moolenaar, who already worked as a roaster in the business. The official launch will on Lindfield Christmas Festival Night (6th Dec) when the shop open until 9pm!

Lindfield Coffee Works will serve a selection of cakes and pastries in the morning and lunches of charcuterie and cheese boards between 12-3pm, served with sourdough baguettes, olives and pickles.

“In addition to the food offering, the coffee bar will be serving some coffee specials that we hope will be a little different to what people are used to, for example, a delicious, refreshing cold drink we’ll serve is a shot of espresso floated onto tonic water with a mountain of ice,” said Kris!

Lindfield Coffee Works will be open Monday – Saturday, 8.30am-5pm. Visit to find out more or follow the shop’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.