Donate handbags for refugees

By Jacqui Smith, Homesmiths

We need your handbags! Well, not your actual handbag but a handbag which you could fill with useful things and give away to a refugee who no longer has one.

Refugees are people like you and me, who may find themselves without one now and, more importantly, without all the things which we rummage for in our own and probably take for granted. As a result we are collecting handbags, filled with all things useful such as tissues, brush, lipsalve, tampax, wipes, hand gel, plasters, handcream and a scrunchie. I would also add to that things like a spare pair of knickers (new) and perhaps some reading glasses (you can get these from Poundland). Note: medications, food and sharp objects are off limits but you can include anything you think would be of practical use.

The bags don’t have to be designer – they can be nearly new, picked up from a charity shop or purchased inexpensively from a supermarket. I would suggest that pockets would be good and one that is easy to carry. 

Filled bags can be dropped at 26 The Platt or with Jade and Louise at Swalk on the High Street. We are collecting until the end of April. 

For more details please visit and please feel free to share!