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Photo of Becky Stevens, Lindfield, teaching a dance class in the street.

One of the highlights of Becky’s dance career was an open-ended contract with Disneyland Paris!
     “I danced in the parade and enjoyed working in the park as many characters, including Pluto and Eeyore! It was great fun!” 
     But life as a Disney dancer could be challenging. “I remember dancing in the parade in the middle of February in the snow and it was so cold that my jaw froze in a smile position!” said Becky. “Not only did it really hurt, I also looked very silly for about 15 minutes until I could move my jaw again - much to my work colleagues’ amusement!”
     After her amazing Disney experience, Becky decided to form her own professional showgirl dance troupe called Dancesation, working in Tenerife. “We danced in many hotels and casinos around Tenerife but after three years I decided to bring the troupe back to the UK and started working in the South West. While we were there we had the great opportunity to dance in a circus and also joined a tribute act called Rogue Minogue.”

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By Claire Cooper
Lindfield dance teacher Becky Stevens will be bringing a touch of Disney magic to the Arts Festival next month.
     Becky, who has worked as a dancer in the Paris theme park, will be introducing her new Popsteps classes to the village over the Festival Weekend.
     Events will include a performance outside the Red Lion on Saturday 19th Sept at 2pm and an open class on Sunday 20th Sept at 1pm.
     The class is open to people of all ages. “Popsteps is for everyone, so we would love to see boys, girls, parents and grandparents!” said Becky.
     Popsteps was created by Becky, who began dancing when she was just 3 years old. She went on to train at the Laban Centre, London where she gained a BA (HONS) Dance Theatre degree and, on leaving, danced professionally for 14 years.
     “I jumped straight into my first dance contract abroad in Tenerife,” Becky recalled. “I stayed there for about two years, dancing for many professional dance troupes, and then left to work in UK holiday parks as dance captain and choreographer.”