Amazing care at home

Immediately after Christmas is often a time when families evaluate their elderly relatives’ needs – having spent a good number of hours in their company. David Dimelow, director of Everycare Mid Sussex, explains why this is the case: “We always get an increased number of enquiries in January and it’s simply due to the family seeing small changes in their loved ones. Comments like ‘mum doesn’t make the trifle quite like she used to’ and ‘dad seemed to struggle carving the turkey this year’ have both been mentioned to me by worried children.”

David, who used to work in the IT industry, decided to make a change in career direction after experiencing some good (and not so good) care for his own parents while he was living 200 miles away. “I was adamant that only the highest quality home care services possible would do when it came to entering the home care market myself,” he commented. “Having been a worried son on the other side of the table, I knew what level of customer care I had to be able to deliver.”

David researched the domiciliary care market widely and visited a number of franchisors to make sure they shared the same ethos. “Everycare ticked all the boxes for me, with its enviable high standards.” He started the business, serving Lindfield and the whole Mid Sussex area, four years ago. David has an office team based in Burgess Hill and employs over 45 carers visiting many of the Mid Sussex villages.

The team is able to provide a variety of assistance to its service users. This includes doing housework, preparing meals, companionship, help with showering and bathing, waking night and sleeping night services, welfare checks and prompting medication.

One principal that is strongly held to is that Everycare makes sure that service users receiving regular care know the carers involved. “We know the vulnerable folk we work with don’t like a string of different people rriving at different times,” David said.

Everycare Mid Sussex can also offer more temporary care packages. This includes cover when regular carers are away on holiday, or for rehabilitation when returning from hospital.

“Folks coming out of hospital will need to regain their confidence in all manner of normal tasks. We work with the family and NHS to define their care plan and then help them to get back on track.”

The care services at Everycare aren’t menu-based but, rather, outcome-based. David continues: “We ask ‘What does success look like?’ in order to develop a truly personal solution. When a service user is back on their feet and no longer has need for our help, we consider that to be a very positive result.”

For some families, the ability to relinquish caring duties on a temporary basis can be enormously helpful.

“We know that many carers just need a break, and often don’t enjoy their own holidays if they are worried about loved ones for whom they usually care. Our carers can be briefed to act just as you would have done, so you can relax!”

Another important facility that Everycare Mid Sussex is pleased to be able to offer is Live in Care. As it sounds, this level of service places a carer to live with them 24/7. This service is ideal for folk who have been recommended to consider a move to a Care Home but who desperately don’t want to leave their home, for whatever reason. This means the service users stay in familiar surroundings and locality, and the cost can be a lot cheaper than a weekly care home bill too.

If you are concerned about someone you love and their ability to cope, or indeed if you fancy working in the care industry, why not call Everycare Mid Sussex on 01444 244770 today. You’ll speak to Emma, Jenny or Katie in the first instance, who will then organise a free assessment meeting in the person’s home. You can also see for more information about the range of services.