More than just a house...

By All Saints Lindfield Caminul Felix Team

If someone said to you that you were going to be part of a team of construction amateurs tasked with building a house from base up in two weeks, you’d have probably said “Pull the other one…”. But that’s exactly the challenge that faced the 31 volunteers from All Saints Church, Lindfield who went to Romania recently to do just that for a charity called Caminul Felix. This build was a partner project to the All Saints’ ASPIRE Church Development Project and the £20k needed to fund it was raised by the church members this year.

Following the downfall of Romania’s tyrannical ruler in 1989 the world, and even many Romanians, learned of the awful plight of thousands of abandoned babies and children held in State orphanages. A young Christian couple from Sweden, Lars and Linda Hörnberg, had a vision for a rescue mission. Acting as ‘parents’ the couple welcomed seven such children into their apartment in Romania but soon realised that the scale of the solution was far too great for them alone. What began as a family model grew to two family villages of sixteen homes, each with a Romanian couple who would commit to raising up to as many as 15 children as their own, giving them a caring, loving home.


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