Lucy's Golf progress at Haywards Heath Golf Club

By Lucy Cooper

A long break due to the rubbish weather over the last few months had me pretty nervous about getting back into golf. I’ve been trying to practise up at the driving range as often as possible and, whilst I’ve been getting heaps better at hitting the ball and avoiding trees, my shots seem to be sending the balls off to the right and not going a fair distance and I was desperately in need of a lesson! 

Simon Iliffe was keen to help me tweak my techniques and sort out those issues! 

After hitting several shots to get back into it, Simon explained that the reason my shots weren’t going straight is because my hands had slipped into an incorrect position over time but he soon showed me that twisting my top (left) hand slightly so I could see two or three knuckles was all I needed to do to ensure a nice straight shot.

 He then took a short video of me hitting a few shots out into the range. Watching in slow-motion and from different angles, Simon explained why my shots weren’t going very far. 

Thanks to a brilliant new feature at the club, I’m able to log in from home and watch the videos of my lesson to refresh my memory before practising each time now - which is a great benefit. I’ll definitely be practising the ‘hip twist’ and hopefully driving that ball into the back and beyond!