Lindfield Neighbourhood Plan - Pre Submission Plan

Cllr Alan Gomme, Chairman of Lindfield & Lindfield Rural Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.     

I’m happy to report that excellent progress is being made by the Steering Group and our consultants from Action in Rural Sussex and rCOH. That progress includes the Pre-Submission Plan, essentially a draft, being agreed by both Lindfield & Lindfield Rural Parish Councils and the publication of it by Mid Sussex District Council. 

The Pre-Submission Plan contains a number of policies that have been drafted following considerable interaction and consultation with residents of our parishes over the last 18 months. These policies will apply for the plan period up to 2031 and include areas where Mid Sussex District Council and the Parish Councils will encourage some small developments and changes, and other areas where development will be resisted. However, given the recent history of about 250 new houses having been granted planning permission in our parishes since April 2012, there is no requirement within the plan to provide for any large housing developments.

Starting in late October or early November, there will be a consultation period of six weeks, during which time you are able to review the plan and comment on it should you wish to do so. It will be available on the Lindfield Parish Council’s website and there will be the appropriate link to that from Lindfield Rural Parish Council’s website. If you would prefer to read a printed version, these will be available to study at both the councils’ offices and the Haywards Heath Library during normal opening hours.

During November we will be holding further ‘Pop-In Sessions’ in the King Edward Hall’s Jubilee Room on Tuesday evening 19th November from 7pm to 9 pm and on Saturday morning 23rd November at Scaynes Hill Millennium Village Centre from 10am until midday. Please watch out for banners and posters advertising these events.  

We invite you to send your comments and opinions to the clerks of either Lindfield Parish Council ( or Lindfield Rural Parish Council (