Terms & Conditions for advertising with us


  1. Lindfield Life, Cuckfield Life, Hurst Life & Hassocks Life magazines are published by Kipper Creative Limited (trading as Kipper Life).

  2. Whilst every effort is made to reproduce your advertisement accurately, Kipper will not accept any liability for consequential loss following any error in the printed magazine. 

  3. Advertisements must conform to the British Code of Advertising Practice and must accurately reflect the product and or service being advertised.

  4. Advertisements are subject to Kipper’s approval and must always be recognisable as such and not resemble editorial matter.

  5. All claims or accreditations made in an advertisement must be capable of being supported by appropriate evidence and must be made available to Kipper upon request.

  6. Kipper will not be liable for any loss or damage caused by amendment, error, late publication or non-publication from any cause whatsoever.

  7. Kipper will not accept liability for any error on the part of third parties or inaccurate copy instructions.

  8. Kipper reserves the right to publish the most appropriate copy should copy instructions not be received by the published copy date.

  9. Wherever possible, your advertisement will alternate each month between the front and back half of the magazine, unless Premium Positioning has been agreed and paid for at the commencement of the contract.

  10. An invoice (including VAT) will be issued for the whole contract at the time of order. Payment can either be made in full at that time, or the advertiser may choose to spread the cost by using Kipper’s Direct Debit facility. 

  11. Until full payment of an invoice has been made (or Direct Debit set up with Kipper) an advertisement will not be published. 

  12. Space reserved by an advertiser must be paid in full where the advertisement is not published due to an act or omission by the advertiser.

  13. These Terms & Conditions and any prices agreed, will hold for the duration of this contract. Any change in terms or prices will be notified at the point of a new contract or when appropriate.

  14. We shall not be liable for any late publication by reason of any event beyond our control (including adverse weather conditions).

  15. Where an invoice remains unpaid past the due date, Kipper reserves the right to charge debt recovery costs to the advertiser.

  16. We reserve the right to terminate any contract for services without notice, in circumstances where we feel that you have not sufficiently adhered to these terms of business.

  17. We hold such personal information as provided by you in order for us to effectively communicate with you. We do not store any financial information.

  18. At no point will any of your contact details be shared or sold to any third parties.


March 2019