Village Festival Night

By Joe Goodchild

Village Night took place on the 2nd December this year. As always, it was a fabulous occasion, and the High Street was filled with warm light and spirit. Amongst the usual stands and entertainment were a number of stalls, the ubiquitous light spinners, the Rotary Club selling mince pies and Lindfield Nursery selling arts and crafts. Lindfield Primary School sold candy floss and mulled wine, the Scouts provided mince pies and hot drinks, whilst the Bonfire Society sold Christmas gifts and novelties. Lindfield URC showcased their popular Nativity Scene and well-known carols were sung by Lindfield Primary. The radio team was there, playing excellent music and providing a running commentary on the evening.

To gain an idea of the public view of the event, Lindfield Life decided to ask as many people as possible one question ‘What do you most enjoy about Lindfield Village Night?’ We received a plethora of answers and we are delighted to write some of them up here.

A representative of the Rotary Club said: “We run this stall to provide mulled cider. It’s a great event. Everyone can have good time and meet friends.”

The ever exciting men from the radio answered: “It’s a wonderful event. There’s a good mix of stalls for great causes. All very Christmassy.”

Dan McQuillin, Lindfield URC, had a very special point of view: “For me, tonight is the start of the Christmas season. I love to see people watch the Nativity Scene. The Lindfield Primary carol singing was great also.”

Mervyn Weeks, Minister of Evangelical Free Church, said: “The Community, how it brings people together. It’s amazing to see the three churches working together.”

Many of those asked mentioned the Lindfield community and how it was a very special evening indeed. It was greatly enjoyable to find out Lindfield’s feelings on this event, and it was as brilliant and memorable as always.