Lindfield Village Day Grand Competition Tent is back for 2016

Due to popular demand the Village Day Grand Competition will be back this year hosted by The Toll House Store & Café. Celebrating the crafters, growers and bakers of Lindfield, the event, which will be given a Toll House makeover with afternoon tea and more, offers a chance to show off local talents in a wide range of categories, with special competitions for children. Guest judges will decide who receives rosettes in the following categories

Home Baking and Preserves

• A Carrot Cake – your favourite recipe for this delicious popular classic

• Six Butterfly Cakes – another family favourite, marks will be awarded for presentation and taste!

• Cheese Straws – Yum!

• A Jar of Jam or Chutney

• A Bottle of Homemade Wine, Beer or Liqueur

Children’s Competition

• Rocky Road – go traditional or invent your own version of this delicious treat


• Any Homegrown Vegetable or Fruit

• A Single Rose in a Vase

• My First Potatoes of 2016

• Flower Arrangement – a table decoration for afternoon tea

Children’s Competition

• A miniature garden on a plate

Art and Craft

• Handmade Jewellery – any medium, from buttons and paper to fabric or gold!

• A Hat - knitted, crocheted, recycled, the choice is yours

• Sunset Over Lindfield – a piece of artwork using any medium

• Recycled Flip Flop – using one or both of a pair and any medium to create a sculpture, picture or artwork 

Children’s Competition

• Lego Model – an original piece of construction 

Register your entry at The Toll House Store & Café, Lindfield High Street by Wednesday 1st June. Find out more information by popping into the store.