Lindfield Self Defence

By Lucy Cooper

Self-defence in Lindfield may seem a little unnecessary. After all it’s a five-time winner of the Best Kept Village Award! However, it’s a sad fact that dangerous situations and confrontations can arise wherever we are. From going out for a night out in Brighton to simply popping to the village shop in the dark one evening, wouldn’t it be nice to feel confident we could defend ourselves?

David Marlow runs ‘Lindfield Self Defence,’ teaching the best skills to protect us. He should know – he’s an ex Police Officer, has studied martial arts for over 25 years, holds black belts in mixed martial arts and karate, a brown belt in ju-jitsu, has graded in the police self-defence system ‘taiho-jutsu’ and is a qualified instructor with the British Combat Association.

However, we don’t need to worry about gaining black belts in anything to gain a basic level of defence. David teaches simple, essential skills to give us the best possible chance of protecting ourselves in a situation, some of which we can even use after the first session.

I went along to the  King Edward Hall for a taster session with David, where he began by talking me through some basic moves. We started with punches and the simple ‘jab-cross.’ This is a common move that we’ve all seen in boxing matches but it’s really effective and acts to shock your attacker, and if you keep punching over and over again, it keeps the pressure on them and makes it very difficult for them to retaliate.... 

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