What was Lindfield Bonfire Night like in 2017?

Guy Fawkes wheeling round Lindfield by Lindfield Bonfire Society

Guy Fawkes wheeling round Lindfield by Lindfield Bonfire Society

As ever Lindfield Bonfire Society has done the village proud by producing a fantastic Procession and Firework Display in Lindfield on Saturday 4th November 2017. 

The Firework display was met with cheers and clapping by the large crowds gathered on Lindfield Common in each break between fireworks. 

Lindfield Bonfire Night: Sat 4th November 2017

Lindfield Bonfire Night 2017

This year’s Lindfield Bonfire will be held on Saturday 4th November – in keeping with the tradition of not celebrating Guy Fawkes night on Sundays.

Organised by Lindfield Bonfire Society, the event starts with a guy building competition in the afternoon. The evening celebrations begin with a fancy dress competition, followed by a torchlight procession around the village and on to the Common, the reading of the Bonfire Prayer and the lighting of the bonfire. The event ends with a firework display.

Money raised from the street collection on the night will go to local children’s charities: Chestnut Tree House, Court Meadow Riding for the Disabled, Cleft Lip & Palate Association, Kangaroos and Orchard House. 

Programme of Events
2pm – Guy Building Competition – Lindfield Common
6.30pm – Fancy Dress Competition – King Edward Hall
7.30pm – Torchlight Procession
8.15pm – Lighting of the Bonfire
8.30pm – Firework Display

The fancy dress competition is free to enter and open to all. The classes are: Children up to six years, 7-11 years, 12-15 years, adults, groups.

The Torchlight Procession leaves the King Edward Hall and heads to Black Hill, The Witch and Hickmans Lane, where the procession will stop and re-torch before proceeding down the High Street and on to the Common.

The High Street and Black Hill will be closed for the entire evening. If you live locally please walk to the event. 

Limited parking for disabled visitors is available at the top of the Common.

A few tips for a safe evening
Do not bring sparklers, fireworks or bangers into the village or on to the Common.
Dropped torches are dangerous. Do not pick them up.
Leave pets at home.
Drones are not allowed.

For more information visit: www.lindfieldbonfiresociety.co.uk

New Pedestrian Crossing in Lindfield?

Warning Sign: New Pedestrian Crossing Point on Lindfield High Street

Warning Sign: New Pedestrian Crossing Point on Lindfield High Street

Some residents of Lindfield may have been confused to see the above signs appear around the village in the last week (October 2017) or so. Well, so were we at Lindfield Life HQ! We hadn't heard anything about this work and were surprised about that - as we like to think we know what's going on in Lindfield. 

However, we have now had the following comment from Lindfield Parish Council, which rather shows we weren't the only people in the dark on this...

Lindfield Parish Council were not aware that the development had been approved. In  November 2016 the Parish Council opposed the proposed revised highways works to Lindfield High Street. We understand that the planning application to which the work relates is the Land to the East of Gravelye Lane, Lindfield, which dates back to 2013. We have been in contact With West Sussex Highways, and our West County Council Councillor, Andrew Lea. We understand that Andrew Lea, is on our behalf, making urgent enquiries regarding the works. We have reiterated that the Parish Council opposes the works. The Parish Council is concerned that the works will potentially remove parking spaces for the King Edward Hall, which is a building widely used by the local community. Additionally, we would like any proposed  traffic works within the Parish to be implemented as part of a cohesive plan following our Traffic Study. In summary, the Council wishes to see a holistic rather than piecemeal approach, having under gone full Parish consultation.

Lindfield Life copy dates 2018

Lindfield Life is a community magazine, that is printed every month and distributed to all the homes in Lindfield, Walstead and Scaynes Hill via a professional team of delivery agents. 

In order to help you plan sending in content or advertisement artwork to us, we have listed below all the key dates that you need to know for 2018. 


January 2018
Copy date: Tues 12th Dec 2017
Distribution: Weds 27th Dec 2017

February 2018
Copy date: Tues 9th Jan
Distribution: Tues 23rd Jan

March 2018
Copy date: Tues 6th Feb
Distribution: Tues 20th Feb

April 2018
Copy date: Tues 13th Mar
Distribution: Tues 27th Mar

May 2018
Copy date: Tues 10th Apr
Distirbution: Tues 24th Apr

June 2018
Copy date: Tues 8th May
Distribution: Tues 22nd May

July 2018
Copy date: Tues 12th June
Distribution: Tues 26th June

August 2018
Copy date: Tues 10th July
Distribution: Tues 24th July

September 2018
Copy date: Tues 14th Aug
Distribution: Tues 28th Aug

October 2018
Copy date: Tues 11th Sept
Distribution: Tues 25th Sept

November 2018
Copy date: Tues 9th Oct
Distribution: Tues 23rd Oct

December 2018
Copy date: Tues 13th Nov
Distribution: Tues 27th Nov

January 2019
Copy date: Tues 11th Dec
Distribution: Fri 28th Dec

February 2019
Copy date: Tues 8th Jan 2019
Distribution: Tues 22nd Jan 2019


Sussex Mineral and Fossil Show 2017


On 18th November at Clair Hall, the Sussex Mineral and Lapidary Society (SMLS) will put on probably the best one day mineral and fossil show in the country. It is filled with wonderful minerals, crystals and fossils and is perfect for a fascinating family day out or just a quick visit to see some of nature’s finest wonders. The show is put on by the members of SMLS, a local society which meets to discover more about the beautiful world of minerals, fossils and lapidary work. Chairman and local resident Nick Hawes writes more…

By Nick Hawes

The grey limestone cliffs rose above my head, tiered in benches by the quarrymen so that they could quarry safely deeper into the hillside. We were on a Sussex Mineral and Lapidary Society (SMLS) field trip to the limestone quarries of South Wales.

I scanned the cliff side and saw a small gash in one of the benches at the bottom of the quarry and went over to investigate. I could see where the latest rock blast had opened up what appeared to be a small hole in the rock and went over to investigate. It was what we call a vug – a space that has opened up in solid rock enabling crystals to form within. In this case the crystals were of calcite, usually a whitish mineral but in this case the crystals were coloured red by a covering of the mineral hematite – an iron mineral. The crystals were in clusters and were in groups up to 10cm across with crystals up to 5cm. They were perfect in every way, not a mark on them – something very important in mineral collecting. I finished cleaning out the cavity, and as I was wrapping the specimens to keep them in good condition, I saw another small hole in the wall of the bench above me and walked to investigate.

I found another small hole in the rock, but this had no crystals showing, however, you could see a bigger cavity within. With trusty sledgehammer and an array of chisels I began to open up the entrance to the cavity. As I did so, the hole within appeared to be bigger and bigger. Eventually I realised I had stumbled upon a whole cave, lined with calcite crystals up to 30cm long. It was an amazing sight. I eventually opened up an entrance big enough to crawl through and was able to retrieve beautiful crystals from the cavity floor where they had been broken off by blasting in the quarry. 

Other club members came across, encouraged by my hammering and we had a great time, all gathering as many specimens as we wanted. With rucksacks bulging with our finds, we were eternally grateful for a lift out of the quarry. Thus ended another great day’s collecting with the SMLS.

Sussex Mineral and Fossil Show
Clair Hall, Haywards Heath
18th November 2017, opening at 10am.

The show is, we think, the best one day mineral and fossil show in the UK - and it’s right on your doorstep!

[Full story in October 2017 issue of Lindfield Life]

Lindfield Arts Festival - 2017 photo round-up

Lindfield Arts Festival 2017

Lindfield Arts Festival 2017

By Freya Wenstrom

What a glorious weekend the Lindfield Arts Festival was! It all started on an autumnal Friday evening with the preview evening to thank the generous sponsors and Friends of the Festival. Later on, the hilarious comedy evening took place in the Bent Arms and was extremely well attended. A particular mention must go to Chelsea Hart who had the audience in absolute stitches!

The weather was definitely with us on Saturday morning with the sun shining and putting a smile on everyone’s faces. This was certainly aided by the stilt walkers and the incredible balloon creations by Brighton Circus. In addition, the beautiful dance performance by the Balcombe and Lindfield Dance School in the United Reformed Church got the morning off to a very good start! The High Street was really buzzing all day with amazing dance performances by Turning Pointe School of Dance, Popsteps and Swoove.

The Kitchen People celebrates 10 years in Lindfield

The Kitchen People

The High Street can be a tough environment for a business to survive, let alone thrive, but The Kitchen People is celebrating ten years at 61 High Street this month. You may have noticed the large balloons outside the shop. Inside the award-winning kitchen design specialists Paul, Amy, Sarah and Daniel are waiting to help you create that dream space for the most important room in your home.

The Kitchen People | 61 High Street, Lindfield | 01444 484868 | www.kitchenpeople.co.uk

Important play at King Edward Hall, Lindfield

By Rex Cooper

Importance of Being Earnest at King Edward Hall

Importance of Being Earnest at King Edward Hall

Lindfield Dramatic Club is turning to one of the best known and best-loved plays in the English language for its autumn production this year – Oscar Wilde’s The Importance of Being Earnest.

With a strong cast that includes new, young members alongside established performers, the club is continuing along the route that has been its forte over the past decade, but moves away from the broader comedy that has generally been on offer.

Wilde’s comedy of manners about love and marriage amongst the upper classes has been a hit with audiences and critics for more than a hundred years and LDC is returning to the play after a 19-year gap.

Director Rex Cooper said: “Pretty well every theatregoer can quote the best known funny lines from the play but it is full of humour from start to finish and audiences have to concentrate in case they miss something.

“We look forward to our regulars coming along and supporting us and, given that it is almost two decades since we last presented this classic, we can, hopefully, attract some new, younger audience members – especially as the play is now part of the UK’s National Curriculum.”

The Importance of Being Earnest can be seen at the King Edward Hall on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 26th-28th October. Tickets (£8) are available at Tufnells Home, 59 High Street, Lindfield. Tel: 01444 483483.

Lindfield Horticultural Society's 2017 Autumn Show

By Claire Cooper


The annual battle of the pumpkins will be played out in the King Edward Hall on 9th September, when rival pumpkins growers go head to head to see who can produce the biggest vegetable at Lindfield Horticultural Society’s Autumn Show.

Last year’s winning giant pumpkin, pictured, was grown by Ian Cooper on his allotment and weighed in at an impressive 56kg (123lb)!

“It was actually judged by circumference as the society doesn’t have scales big enough to weigh it,” said Ian. “After the show I cut it into quarters and weighed it piece by piece!”

Ian’s giant pumpkins have picked up the top award at Lindfield Horticultural Society’s autumn show for six out of the last seven years.

“I was beaten in 2013 by my rival, Richard Watson,” Ian recalled. “He’d been runner up the year before and had asked me my secret. Rather foolishly I ‘spilled the beans’ and the following year he beat me! 

“It was also the year I had presented the society with the Pumpkin Cup, and I didn’t get to bring it back home!” 

This year Ian has been cultivating two pumpkins and is quietly confident that one will scoop him a seventh award. “The recent weather has been absolutely perfect for pumpkin growing, so I’m certainly on track to beat my record and bring home the cup,” said Ian.

“The competition is always very good-natured, but we are all in it to win!”

[Full article in September 2017 issue of Lindfield Life]

Louise: World Champion Power Lifter

Louise Richardson, power lifter, grew up in Lindfield, West Sussex

By Claire Cooper

Three years ago we featured the story of former Lindfield schoolgirl Louise Richardson and her journey to becoming a British Champion Power Lifter.

We are delighted to be able to follow up Louise’s story and report that her training has literally gone from ‘strength to strength’!

Last month Louise competed in the World Championship in Belarus, winning two gold medals, one bronze and leaving as World Champion in her group! 

“I’m absolutely over the moon,” said Louise, who grew up in the village and attended Lindfield Primary School. 

“It’s the title I’ve always wanted and I’ve been training hard for over a year for, so I’m really delighted with my achievement.” 

Full story in the September 2017 issue of Lindfield Life magazine

5 Star Lindfield - Move Revolution

By Mathew Gurr, Move Revolution

Welcome to our second market report of 2017. We hope you have enjoyed the summer holidays, although it does feel like a summer of sunshine and showers.

Since our last report we have enjoyed plenty of activity within the village. In fact it has been our most productive quarter for selling homes in Lindfield since our launch. The great thing is that those properties range from two bedroom apartments to four bedroom homes, demonstrating that there is demand for all types of Lindfield homes. The buyers see the value in what we all already know – it is a fantastic village to live in. The market is challenging, of that there is no doubt, and it is more price sensitive than at any point over the last three years. That said, we are seeing more than ever the benefit of the very best marketing coupled with experience and hard work. On that note, we are also thrilled to have achieved 100% 5 star reviews (independently verified by raterAgent) for all our sales in Lindfield.

This made us think… what else is a 5 star experience in Lindfield? This month we thought we would share three Move Revolution 5 star experiences. We love to share these with potential residents!

5 star shopping experience at Doodiestark

Our Marketing Director Nici Jordan popped into Doodie Stark with one of her girlfriends. The service was second to none, helping Nici to find a gorgeous dress for a special summer party. Big thank you to the team at Doodie Stark.


5 star coffee experience at Lindfield Coffee Works

Without a shadow of a doubt our team are addicted to Lindfield Coffee Works... whether popping in for a coffee between appointments, recommending to clients or taking home freshly roasted Lindfield Coffee Works beans to enjoy at home with a bean to cup coffee machine. Every mouthful of coffee, combined with the gorgeous team and stunning interiors, make this a definite 5 star Move Revolution experience.


5 star choice of gifts at SWALK

Whenever we are in need of that special card or unique  gift, we are always sure to find it here in SWALK. The happy and super friendly team are always on hand to make us feel welcome and help us with our every desire! 

And if that wasn’t enough, they are now online with a click & collect option, making our lunch break our own again.


If you are thinking of selling or letting your home and would like to experience our 5 star service, just give us a call on 01444 657657. I would love the opportunity to visit you, value your home and support you with your next house move.

The Wind in the Willows - Wakehurst Place - 2017 a review

Wind in the Willows tour comes to Ardingly's Wakehurst Place this summer

By David Tingley

Wakehurst Place, in Ardingly, will play host to The Australian Shakespeare Company later this month when The Wind in the Willows opens its run on 31st August. I was lucky enough to go along for a sneak preview at Kew Gardens earlier in the summer.

I have to say, I was impressed. I was impressed with the whole thing, actually.

From a technical point of view all the actors had microphones – so we never had a problem hearing the dialogue. But, more than that - and something I wasn’t expecting, all of them played an instrument of some kind during the performance and these came over the mic or had a pick-up of their own in the case of the guitars.

I arrived to sit on the grass (note to self, take something to sit on, we didn’t and got slightly damp bottoms!) with two of my girls and awaited the action. As soon as Head Chief Rabbit, played by musical director Zachary Cooke, stumbled across the audience on his walk for adventure – we were taken in to a new world.

Zachary’s enthusiasm was infectious and I found myself quickly entering the spirit of piece and waving my hands on my head to mimic a bunny rabbit on cue! And here is a good point to note; you all have to take part! In truth my girls (at 10 and 12) were a little too cool for the ‘rub your nose like a bunny’ gesticulations and singing along with the songs, but I definitely saw a few laughs and smirks on their faces as the comedy-laden script unfolded. We thought aged eight would be a good top end for the smaller visitors. For adults, on the other hand, well, there was plenty to keep me entertained and amused during the 90 minute or so performance.

The musical numbers were very well done indeed. Tamlyn Henderson played the character of Weasel, and when he added his guitar and vocals to Zachary’s it worked wonderfully. At one point, in the second act, there is a break-out jam session with these two characters as they played versions of Ruler (Lorde) and Up All Night (Daft Punk) the likes of which you’ve never heard before! I don’t think I stopped smiling throughout this interlude!

The story was easy to follow, of course, with each new cast member bringing in a new energy to the piece when they were introduced. I think, for my money, I particularly enjoyed the dryness of Badger (played by Chris Killik) but, I suspect, a five year old may not agree!

The Wind in the Willows begins its run on Thursday 31st August and plays at Wakehurst Place until Sunday 3rd September.

Book your tickets here...


A Pet Service in Scaynes Hill


By Claire Cooper

There were furry paws, waggy tails and twitching whiskers among the congregation at St Augustine’s Church in Scaynes Hill earlier this month when the church held a special pet service.

Vicar Lisa Barnett invited parishioners to bring their furry friends to church for a celebration and blessing and was delighted so see the pews filled with a 25 dogs, a selection of guinea pigs, an enormous rabbit and even a tortoise named Lisa!

The service included specially chosen hymns, such as All Things Bright and Beautiful, a Bible reading read by Thomas Martin, while parishioner Bev Sotiri, accompanied by her four dogs, read a poem for dog owners.

Those unable to bring their pets to church, and those who wished to remember their former pets, brought along photos.

Following the service, there was a chance for pets and owners to mingle and enjoy refreshments in the church hall.

This was the first pet service to be led by Lisa, and is part of the church’s commitment to strengthen community spirit. “I was more than a little bit nervous before the service,” she said. “How many pets would be brought along? Would they behave? But I needn’t have worried!

“The animals all behaved beautifully, staying quiet during the talk and joining in with gusto during the hymns! It was a very special occasion, celebrating the joy that our pets bring us, and committing ourselves to caring for all of God’s creatures. We’re definitely planning to do it again sometime!”

A feast for the senses at the 2017 Lindfield Arts Festival

8-10th September 2017

By Kirsten Genard

As summer is hotting up, so is the programme for the Lindfield Arts Festival. Next month sees the return of the eighth annual festival, and this year’s event is looking bigger and better than ever. Whatever you are into and whatever your age, there is something that will fit the bill as the top ticket in town this season.

Families are in for a treat as The High Street transforms with an abundance of activities on offer, including the centre stage with a variety of performances including the return of the circus shows.

Look out for the Dressed Ducks in the shop windows and, if you have ever wanted to learn to crochet or decoupage, then Dolly’s craft van will be the place to go. 

Further afield around the village, a varied programme of arts, drama, dance and entertainment will be taking place. A fine art exhibition will be staged at Lindfield Primary Academy on Saturday and Sunday featuring work by talented local artists and with refreshments from The Bonfire Society, kindly supported by Tisshaws Family Solicitors. On Saturday, innovative Robot Relays see competitors get creative in an almighty battle of the bots on space hoppers whilst supporters cheer from the hay bale amphitheatre.

A mini festival of its own will take place at the United Reformed Church on Saturday, featuring a craft exhibition supported by Handelsbanken with the opportunity to snap up goods. A diverse programme of performances and workshops is also on offer, from drama, dance and creative writing to – wait for it – mutant toy hacking. What could be better than reinventing a toy slightly past its sell by date into a brand new, bespoke creation that will be the envy of the playground? Think Toy Story on steroids!

More activities are being confirmed all the time including two very special evening events on Friday night. Lindfield Coffee Works will host a Poetry Night, featuring a group of Sussex-based local poets including a former musician from the Ronnie Scott’s Club in London, which will set the stage for the Festival on opening night. Meanwhile, Komedia regular Rob Dumbrell, will compère a Comedy Night at the Bent Arms, bringing along some wellknown, tried-and-tested names from the comedy circuit for your amusement. For all you budding comedians, there are a couple of 5 minute stand-up comedy sets up for grabs, if you think you have what it takes!

Registration for workshops and events will open online in mid-August with SWALK acting as the Lindfield Box Office. 

If you would like to contribute in any way or exhibit, perform, play or volunteer during the Festival weekend (8th, 9th, 10th September) please email enquiries@ lindfieldartsfestival.com or call Stix: 07868 879084 for more information.

Lindfield Primary Academy girls crowned County Cricket Champions

Lindfield Academy's Cricket Girls

Lindfield Academy's Cricket Girls

Members of Lindfield Primary Academy’s Year 5/6 girls’ cricket team were celebrating this month when they were crowned County Champions at the Sussex Final in Horsham. The girls went into the event with high hopes after weeks and weeks of practice but were faced with the daunting prospect of playing the best five schools from Sussex at the event. After a convincing win against local rivals and last year’s winners, Birchwood Grove in the first match by 37 runs, the girls continued their great form with victories over Southwater Junior (by 10 runs), North Lancing (by 42 runs), West Park (by 27 runs) and Harlands (by 32 runs) in an action packed day at Horsham Cricket Club.

The whole squad contributed throughout the tournament but special mention must go to Ruby Stedman for her batting and Asha Hinley and Bethan Steel for their fantastic bowling. James Smyth (Year 6 teacher and the team’s coach) was extremely pleased at the conclusion of the event: “After coming runners-up last year, we hoped we may go one better this time around. We are so pleased, the girls should be extremely proud of their achievement.”

Lindfield part of Village of the Year 2017 TV series

Village of the Year 2017 - TV series on Channel 4 by Reef TV

Village of the Year 2017 - TV series on Channel 4 by Reef TV

Lindfield has been selected to be part of a new series which will crown the winner ‘Village of the Year 2017’. The show is due to be aired on Channel 4 in October and will be presented by Penelope Keith. 

Chair of Lindfield Parish Council Will Blunden applied for Lindfield to be on the show, helped by residents Sarah Richmond and David Tingley who completed the application form in May.

Lindfield historian Richard Bryant and fitness instructor Esther Featherstone joined David and Will as they met with the show’s producers in the village, as they sought to find out more about Lindfield.

Production company Reef shortlisted Lindfield just days before Village Day – an event it was keen to capture in its footage for the programme. 

Penelope Keith visited Lindfield in early June to interview Will Blunden as Harbour Master by the pond and Esther in the King Edward Hall. “It was terrifying to start with,” Will said, “but I was soon put at ease. 

Penelope was lovely. She told me that she knew the area well having lived in Forest Row for a time.”

During her interview, Esther was asked to explain her personal reasons for creating her own exercise programme. “Penny made me feel very comfortable and was utterly charming and engaging while we were talking on camera,” she commented.

Penelope’s first words when she walked in on the Swoove class were: “Wonderful lycra!”

Esther invited her to Swoove in the comfort of her own home, as she presented her with a DVD. Laughing, Penelope replied: “I think my cats and dogs might think I’ve gone completely mad!”

Penelope and the crew will be visiting and filming at 75 other villages across the UK during the summer, in order to find the best. We’re pretty sure she found it here, but only time will tell! Watch this space for details of the show’s air date later in the year.

White Horse, Lindfield, to breathe new life again

The White Horse in Lindfield to open as Tamasha - an Indian restaurant

The White Horse in Lindfield to open as Tamasha - an Indian restaurant

Curry loving residents won’t have to wait much longer to enjoy their favourite food on their doorstep as Lindfield’s most eagerly awaited restaurant opens its doors.

Tamasha, which means ‘performance and celebration’, is almost ready to welcome its first diners, as the finishing touches are put to the lengthy renovation project.

Lindfield Life caught up with owner Ashraf Shah on Village Day and enjoyed a sneak preview of the premises, which have been transformed from the traditional pub interior of the former White Horse to a stylish and spacious restaurant, complete with booth seating and sparkly black floor tiles.

However, Ashraf has retained some original features such as the beams at the rear of the restaurant which have been restored and enhanced with roof lighting and skylights.

Ashraf and his team are looking forward to becoming part of the village. “I’ve wanted to open a restaurant in Lindfield for some time but couldn’t wish for a better location, on the High Street and opposite the pond,” he said. “Lindfield is such a great village and I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone.”

Ashraf, who has been in the restaurant business for more than 20 years, also owns the popular Tarana restaurant in Turners Hill.

“The menu at Tamasha will be very similar to Tarana,” said Ashraf. “We will be offering a takeaway service, and entertainment on Wednesday evenings.”

He added that this could range from belly dancing to Elvis and Michael Jackson tribute nights – all popular at Tarana.

Lindfield Village Day is a ball with Strictly theme this year

Lindfield Village Day 2017 - image: Clare Ozkan Photography

Lindfield Village Day 2017 - image: Clare Ozkan Photography

Lindfield’s famous annual event for all the family was a huge success as around 2-3,000 people attended  Village Day on the common on Saturday 3rd June. It got underway in a shimmer of beautiful costumes from cabaret-style dancers to a rainbow coloured maypole as the ‘Strictly Lindfield’ themed procession started down the High Street led by the Brighton School of Samba. Katie Derham played a star role in the Lindfield Primary Academy float along with the most amazing glitterball swan (the village symbol), and Blackthorns Primary Academy could have staged their own Strictly competition with a fantastic range of stunning outfits from the children and staff alike. Alice in Wonderland was the theme for Brighton School of Samba, and they  certainly made a wonderful sight for spectators with playing-card costumes and a ‘tea party’. The Bonfire Society Maypole won the Judges’ Special Award, along with prizes for the two academies.

There were over 100 stalls on the common selling everything from crafts to cuddly toys, books to barbecue food - and the famed cake and plant stalls sold out pretty fast! In keeping with the dance theme, there were great dance displays in the arena . In a new twist, the day was filmed for Channel 4’s Village of the Year programme hosted by Penelope Keith, and Lindfield is in the running to win the £10,000 prize! Esther Featherstone, Zumba and Swoove queen, was interviewed along with Will Blunden, Chairman of the Parish Council, who also led the procession in his breeches and tailcoat in his role as village ‘Harbourmaster’. Visitors went for a spin on the well loved mini-railway, raised their game at the fun fair, took the plunge with hook-a-duck, and aimed high with the coconut shy. Again, Potential Personal Training provided fabulous support for the event.

Village Day and Village Run raised a record breaking £10,000 for the King Edward (Village) Hall - so huge thanks to all involved especially the volunteer organisers who make the day go with such a swing.

Amazing photos of the day supplied by Clare Ozkan Photography

Writing a life story - Memory Lane Books

Many of us regret not knowing more about our parents and grandparents. Photographs are fine while they’re still around to explain who’s who, but will a dusty album mean anything to future generations?

Writing your life story can help your children or grandchildren to learn more about you. You might not have been famous, adventurous or influential but your family and friends will find your story as interesting as any celebrity autobiography.

A life story book can be an overview of your life, or a snapshot of a particular time, for example childhood, hobby or career. It can heal past wounds, deal with unfinished business or even reveal family secrets.

If you fancy having a go yourself, you could start by writing a memoir, which doesn’t have to include every detail of your life in chronological order - it’s a story from a life, so focus on key events, such as a career or relationship. If you’re tackling a longer life story, select up to 20 key life events and think about how you can link them to create a narrative.

Before you start to write, do plenty of research. You might think you remember everything that’s happened, but look back through old diaries and photographs, listen to music, or visit an old house or school to trigger memories. Decide on the structure and create summaries for each chapter before you start to write. Dialogue and vivid description are great, however, don’t get bogged down in unnecessary detail that slows down the narrative.

And remember that a life story isn’t just about you, it’s about other people, so talk to parents, siblings and other key people for their take on events. However, penning and publishing a book can be daunting, so, if you need help, a life story writing service like Memory Lane Books can help.

During a series of personal visits, an interviewer will chat about your life to gather life stories and recollections before shaping them into a narrative.

Grace Parker had been telling her two grandchildren about travelling to New Zealand as one of the Ten Pound Poms when she realised her story might soon be forgotten.

“It was such an important time of my life but I never really talk about it,” says Grace. “I wanted to write it down so that my great-grandchildren could find out about what
I did – after all, I might not be around to tell them.”

Grace started writing her life story but found the project daunting - arthritis in her hands didn’t help either - so she turned to Memory Lane Books for help. The one-to-one chats helped her remember and record the details of the trip and other important times in her life.

Using a professional life story service, your words will be edited, written and proof read – you’ll get to check and approve the story as you go through the process. After choosing up to 50 photographs, the finished 150-
page book will be typeset, designed and printed, forming your personal history into a professional book.

“I’ve been showing it to all my friends and some of them have found out things about me that we’ve never spoken about,” says Grace, who’s given copies of her book to her children and grandchildren, while another
one has pride of place on her bookshelf. “I sometimes get it out and read a bit,” she admits. “It’s wonderful to reminisce and a real talking point when friends visit.”

She adds: “I know that my family have now got a permanent record of my life, and hope my book will become a family heirloom.”

If you’d like to embark on a once-in-a-lifetime
project, please contact Helen Gregory on 077997 64414 or email helen@memorylanebooks.co.uk to
discuss how we can bring your life to life.